The Creative team is responsible for setting the scene for APDA each year through the creation of an exciting syllabus accompanied by inspiring music.

The team consists of extremely talented and very experienced leaders who have not only achieved great heights in the Physie and Dance worlds but importantly in their professional lives as well. They have been selected as leaders in their fields, each one with a passion for Physie and Dance, and an understanding of what can and should be achieved through the APDA syllabus.

We set new high standards of choreography in Physie and Dance, that are technically correct and in line with safe dance practice.  This ensures that our syllabus is both appropriate for age and experience, yet surprising and delightful for participants and spectators alike.

Ainsley White
Ainsley runs the North Pointe club with her twin sister Brittanny, opening the club in 2013. They love that girls and ladies can compete both individually as well as in teams/squads, and they encourage all their members to do strive for their best. Ainsley herself has won the National Championships.

Ainsley is very honoured to be a part of the choreography team and thoroughly enjoys the process of choreographing routines, for both juniors and ladies.
Brittanny White
Brittanny runs North Pointe Physie and Dance alongside her twin sister, Ainsley. She has been teaching Physie to girls for many years and loves seeing her students achieve personal bests, whether they perform at the Beginner, Novice or Elite level.

Brittanny herself has won at National championships and has had many students perform in individual and team competitions at local, State and National levels.
Katie Richardson
Katie has been involved in dance and Physie for many years, performing and winning at a National level. She has trained, performed and choreographed in Contemporary, Ballet and Jazz and has also been teaching Physie & Dance for a number of years.

With a career in health, she is passionate about encouraging girls to participate in sport for life, and loves that APDA enables this. Leading the Choreography team, Katie was involved in the development of the APDA Syllabus Structure and loves contributing to a progressive syllabus for all ages.
Jacqui Lofgren
Jacqui runs the Physie and Dance school in North Sydney, and has over 10 years teaching experience across all age groups (3yrs - Ladies). Jacqui has been doing Physie herself for over 20 years, and has also been involved in other forms of dance including classical ballet, jazz, aerobics, gymnastics, contemporary, character, Pilates & yoga.

With a degree in Education, Jacqui has choreographed and coordinated various school performances, with a particular interest in K-2. As a member of the APDA choreography team, she has been involved in the production of the annual syllabus music and the choreography of routines across various age groups, with a passion for the Tiny Tots and Junior syllabuses.
Alana Thirkettle
Alana has been involved in Physie for more than 30 years and has gained many achievements at National Championship level, including winning the overall Ladies National Grand Final. Alana teaches at her Queensland club, Millennium Physie & Dance Company, and holds among her most memorable achievements sharing the vision to create APDA.

Alana is dedicated to help improve and continue to grow APDA and develop our sport into a recognised dance association which all students regardless of their ability can enjoy. She has experience in teaching and choreographing routines across all age groups, and was also involved in the development of the APDA Syllabus Structure.
Keelyn Hallinan
Keelyn has completed the full-time course at Brent Street Studios, with many years of dance training and teaching under her belt. She has also achieved results in BAL Tap, Jazz and Ballet and completed her RAD Ballet Intermediate examination.

Her performance experience includes dancing on X-Factor with artists Flo Rida and Meghan Trainor, The Logies 2012, the Helpmann Awards 2008, Shrek 3 LIVE!, Dora The Explorer LIVE!, SpongeBob LIVE! and Noddy LIVE!. Keelyn has a passion for choreographing energetic and modern warmup and dance routines for the Senior girls.
Michelle Skinner Sismey
Michelle trains and teaches at Mw Physie & Dance. Michelle also worked as a dance teacher, teaching many different dance styles to primary school students including hip hop, contemporary and ballroom, as well as teaching Jazz at local dance studios.

Michelle brings her Physie and Dance experience to the team, and has a particular interest in choreographing both Jazz and Modern Dance routines for the Junior age groups.
Tahlia Brettell
Tahlia has had a very successful Physie & Dance career gaining National titles and placings. As part of Millennium Physie & Dance Company, she loves passing on her knowledge and expertise to the girls. Tahlia trained in dance for many years majoring in Ballet and Contemporary, completing her RAD exams up to Advanced 2.

Tahlia is proud to be a part of the APDA Choreography team, specialising in the Technique & Lyrical routines. Tahlia loves letting the music see where it takes her and also seeing the way the girls interpret her choreography.
Rachel Demarco
Rachel has been doing Physie for many years and has enjoyed success including multiple National Championships. As a teacher at North Sydney Physie and Dance and having studied dance throughout high school, Rachel loves sharing her passion with the younger generations.

Rachel loves teaching and enjoys being a regular member of the APDA choreography team. She has a particular interest in choreographing both Modern and Strength routines for the pre-teen & teen age groups.
Deanna Carbonara
Tiny Tots Choreographer
With over 30 years of learning and participation in Physie, Deanna has been awarded many national places including National Ladies Championship, and winning the overall Ladies National Grand Final. She has years of experience in teaching and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education.

Deanna specialises in the Tiny Tots syllabus. Deanna is passionate about teaching this young age group at various locations across the Illawarra, providing a step-wise base of the necessary skills to progress to elite levels, as well as encouraging a love of Physie and dance.
Brittany Walsh
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Belle Synnott
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Danielle Martin
Danielle has been involved in Physie and dance for many years. She has won gained places at a National level in Physie and trained in dance completing her R.A.D. ballet exams to Advanced level.

Danielle is delighted to be part of the Choreography team and hopes that the syllabus will inspire younger girls to experience the pleasure she has gained during her years of participation in
Fiona Jurd-Smith
Fiona has done Physie and studied dance for over 30 years. Through her professional dance career, she has become a registered RAD Ballet teacher and holds a diploma in Dramatic Art from the Actors Centre Australia (ACA).

Running her own dance school Pose for many years, Fiona's experience and training allows her to understand needs required for children at different age levels and experience. Her choreography is fresh and current, with a passion for the lyrical and dance routines.
Breanna Skewes
Breanna’s physie and dance journey began at a very young age in Tamworth NSW. In the final years of schooling, she moved to Sydney to attend The McDonald College. Breanna then dedicated 3 years to studying full time at WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) where she majored in ballet and contemporary. Since graduating, Breanna has worked as a professional dancer with companies such as Opera Australia, touring nationally and internationally. She has also worked with numerous choreographers in both Sydney and Melbourne such as Graeme Murphy and Janet Vernon.

Merging her knowledge in both dance and physie Breanna is a choreographer and the technical adviser for APDA, while continuing to work with her favourite choreographers as part of her professional dance career.
Amy Whelan
Assistant Choreographer
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